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Advertising’s Role in Marketing Assignment (Ch. 2) September 12, 2008

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Student posts for this assignment are due Wednesday, September 17 at 12:00 noon.

In this assignment, you’ll be analyzing commercials like we did in our initial group posts, but this time with a specific awareness of social issues concerning race, class, and gender. Because the class chose Crest Toothpaste as the focus brand to use in examples throughout the term, we’ll look at how Crest positions itself via commercials.

In your post, make a link to a commercial from the list at the bottom of this post and also try to find a current Crest commercial on tv or a Crest ad in a magazine. Then, describe and analyze these commercials. Are the people portrayed young or old, families or individuals? Are there men, women, or both? What races or ethnic groups seem to be shown? Are the people wealthy, middle-class, or isn’t it clear?

Who would be the viewing audience for these commercials? How can you tell? What magazine or tv show contained the current commercial you found? Where is Crest positioning itself on the shape-versus-mirror debate? Obviously it’s a good idea to brush your teeth, but how can Crest change the way people brush their teeth through ads like these?

Here are some historical Crest ads you can use to compare to modern ones:

1960s — Crest pays to sponsor episodes of The Addams Family.

1970s — A fantasy cartoon advertisement for children.

1980s — Kids discuss Crest’s benefits.

1990s — A visualization of why Crest prevents gum disease.



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