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90s Crest Commercial September 16, 2008

Posted by Robert Johnson in Uncategorized.

When I watched the commercial I did not see any reference to gender, race, or class. They ad just has one guy in it he is an older white male. The ad does not make it clear who it is that they are trying to market to. I believe this was a campaign that was to hit the masses. I think this ad makes everybody want to brush their teeth. Unless you want all your food to be pureed… When it comes to the shape vs. mirror debate, I would think this would be shape. I mean people do believe that you should brush, but this commercial puts fear into peoples mind…BRUSH OR HAVE NO TEETH. This ad in my opinion was very effective. It probably brought around more awareness to brushing your teeth. 90s Commercial

I also viewed two ads also on youtube. I viewed the Aadams Family and Emeril Lagasse commercial. Both used prominently famous people or shows. The Aadams Family was a very popular show in the day (still is in my book), and hit alot of people during the show. The Emeril commercial was cool if you knew who he was and his classic BAM. Out of these ads the Emeril commercial is the only one I could find a target audience. I see the target as being ladies in there mid 30s to mid 40s.  When looking at the three ads you can see a very different approach, the 90s commercial went straight to the point. The Emeril commerrcial used a famous chef who appealed to woman of a household… these woman are more inlikely the ones buying the toothpaste for the home. The Aadams Family was trying to appeal to the entire family during “family time”, kids saw it moms bought it. Emeril Commercial.   Aadams Family Commercial.



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