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Ryan Seacrest = Chick Magnet September 16, 2008

Posted by mrbuffalo1987 in Uncategorized.


“Crest” Sea”crest” Nice going Proctor and Gamble, anyway the ad features American Idol / E! Entertainment host Ryan Seacrest wanting to be more attractive and he’s handed some Crest toothpaste.  Then he goes out to conduct an interview and she compliments his fresh breathe and nice teeth.  The moral of the story is Crest toothpaste gives you white teeth and fresh breathe.  Maybe get you a date?  The current catchphrase for Crest is “Wow” and they say it three times.  The cast consists of Ryan Seacrest, two white guys, and two white women.  Not the most diverse ad with race but split on gender.  Using a commercial crew they have “normal” people with a famous celebrity (Ryan Seacrest, who is wealthy) and an attractive woman he’s conducting the interview with (model or actress, she’s wealthy or famous if he’s interviewing her).  They are also trying to be funny with the ad, as well as to inform about the benefits of Crest.  The Crest ad from the 1960’s with tennis was aimed at being funny as well as informative.  The tennis ad features two guys playing tennis and one guy getting beat bad.  The loser of the match says he’s never beaten his friend except for the time they had a brushing contest and he used Crest.  That is this guy’s claim to fame.  There you have only white men.  Ryan Seacrest’s ad is alittle more diverse then the sixties.



1. kingly - September 16, 2008

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2. adterzieva - September 26, 2008

I would have to agree with “mrbuffalo” and say that did ad is not really focused on race or gender. The only thing that I could see is where class is a part of the ad. In today’s world people are major influenced my televisions and the celebrity that are on the TV. One thing that I believe advertisers did right in this ad is bringing Ryan S as the person in the commercial. He is a very well known guy that has build image as a very clean and stylish, therefore people might think “hey, if he uses Crest and he gets clean teeth and breath, I will too”. It is a very effective tactic advertisers have been using for many years.

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