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Chapter 3- Marlboro’s For Mommies Ad September 24, 2008

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by: Noelle Grafemeyer

I find this ad to be very offensive to society.  It shows two baby’s and a mom with packs of Marlboro brand cigarettes.  Concerned adults want to help children learn to make good choices.  This ad is taking advantage of the way people are teaching children to make ethical decisions.  I find children to be vulnerable.  They can pick up on anything and they will think it it is alright.  This ad could do that.  They shouldn’t have placed a baby on the ad because it portrays a message to children that smoking is not bad.  The advertisement is very ineffective and a lot of people would disagree with it.  I think any company would be nieve to not be able to forsee the impact this ad would have on society.  It doesn’t show anything in a positive way to sell their product.



1. jdvaughn - October 2, 2008

“before you scold me, mom… maybe you’d better light up a Marlboro”……WOW

I agree Noelle could not of said it any better. I think no babys should ever be used in an ad for smoking. I also think no cartoon should be used like Camel’s Joe Cool Camel mascot.

2. Andrea - October 29, 2008

Wow, yes this commercial is very offensive. When you involve children things turn into a different story regardless if you are trying to send a good message or not. I agree with the author of this writing that children are very vulnerable and they often get taken advantage of during an ad.

3. rdduskin - October 29, 2008

This ad is very offensive, had it been an adult or even a cartoon it would be a little better,but a liitle child, rediculous. This is only effective in causing bad publicity which could be what they were looking for anyway.

4. mlchasteen - October 29, 2008

Children and cigarettes should never ever go together. It reminds me of the new anti-smoking comercial where they said that smoking can cause underweight babies and a cigarette manufatures commented that some women want to have smaller babies. No mother in her right mind would want a sickly and underweight baby. This ad is terrible because children look up to the people around them they see it and want to do it too.

5. lakeishareynolds - October 30, 2008

I agree with you about this particular ad it is very offensive to the public. By the ad saying “before you scold me, mom… maybe you’d better light up a Marlboro”. That says you need to have a cigarette before you can take proper care of your child which is wrong. No one should ever use children in cigarette ads in any way it gives off the wrong message and makes kids think it’s okay to smoke.

6. tylerc5 - October 30, 2008

Those look like very old advertisements and if they are newer then I would be shocked. I don’t think that kids should ever be in an ad that is promoting cigarettes or anything of an adult nature. I never have seen this ad before so if it is new that would tell you that it never made it past production. Cigarettes are not all the used to be cracked up to be and I know they are down right deadly, to even have that idea for an ad in your marketing campaign makes me think that someone was on some drugs and getting paid to much money.

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