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Chapter 3 – The Heinz Deli Mayo Ad September 24, 2008

Posted by jqueezysgirl85 in Advertising's Role in Marketing.

People would find this ad very offensive.  It shows two men kissing each other before one leaves to go to work.  I think it is trying to portray a woman or the wife fixing lunch for the kids and husband and the husband kisses the wife before he leaves.  It could be changed simply by maybe using a woman kissing the man instead of a man kissing another man.  It does make sense how people are upset about this ad.  THey were so upset that Heinz pulled the ad a month later.  I was acutally just on a a website that was for moms, who can get on the website and talk about things going on in the media world and they brought up this ad.  They were completely outraged.  I definently think the company should have been able to foresee how this was going to turn out.  Advertisers know the kind of world we are living in and how easy it is to take this ad out of proportion.


In my past I remember a commercial that I read about that was from Freedom Watch, who is a conservative group.  NBC refused to play their ad that involved asking viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season.  NBC declined to air it because of their website.  NBC claimed it was too political.  I do not agree with the critics on this one.  The critics (NBC) claimed that it wasn’t about the commercial, that it was about their website.  But their website had nothing to do with the commercial.  I just didn’t get why they wouldn’t air the commercial.



1. noelle1280 - September 24, 2008

It sounds like the ad was placed to make a statement about gay rights. Many people like you said would take an ad like that to be offensive. I totally can agree. Quite frankly, they did the right thing by pulling the ad too. It sounds like a lot of people were offended. To my knowledge about our studies with advertising, ads are made to make a statement and this ad seemed to grab a lot of attention. To get their message across, they did whatever it took for a response. Since people were negative about their approach, they had to remove it from the targeted audience. They didn’t have a choice because it sounds like it wasn’t going to make it and they weren’t getting what they wanted out of it.

2. adterzieva - September 26, 2008

I have not seen the ad but it sounds like people need to understand that a lot more people that did not feel comfortable about coming out of the closet are coming out of the closet these days. Many people may not agree with it but who are we to say who we can love and who we can’t. I think people need to stop being selfish and put themselves in other peoples shoes and realize that maybe being gay is not such a horrible thing. One of my girl friend just told me she was gay about a year ago and to me she is the same person. She has not changed her personality or her actions. The only different thing is she likes women. This girl had dated many different guys in high school, she never had a bad relationship, and she almost married a guy. So when regular people like her are looked down just because they are gay, it just makes us looks like the idiots. I am not sure why the critics saw this ad as a thread to society , but people don’t turn people gay, some people just are. But back to the ad, I don’t think it is wrong to have two gay guys living their normal lives on a commercial. They are no different then us, why should we criticize their lives? I have chosen to love a man but I will never tell anyone or judge anyone for who they love. The ad apparently got some peoples attention which is the purpose of ad so I guess the advertisers did something right!

3. Robert Johnson - October 2, 2008

In my opinion people over react to touchy subjects to often and to easily. I’m not gay but there is nothing wrong with being gay. This ad in my opinion is ok. I read the ad after seeing the flavors is that it’s a strong flavor not the plain stuff. It is giving a feeling of masculinity to the bold flavor of mayo. It is saying this is not your mother’s mayo. I hope this makes sense.
There was an ad during the Super Bowl last year that was cancel because of two guys kissing but it was funny as hells…excuse my language. Ok have you never been in a weird situation like trying to walk through a crowd and accidently bump someone. If you’re a guy and bump a guy… you pump out chest and say something “manly”. This may sound stupid but that is what they play on…an awkward moment we have all been faced with. Anyway these ads would be effective if people grew up. If anybody wants to see Snickers commercial it is at this link…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjuXbYW6KmE

4. Andrea - October 15, 2008

Robert, I do agree with you that people are extremely touchy with commercials and adertisements in general. I totally understand what you are sayign about it not being “your mothers mayo” but for a young child or someone seeing something like two men kissing is a little bit of a shock to them I would think. Someone like you and me would understand the true meaning of the ad but like I said for a younger person they might take it wrong. You know what I mean?

5. Robert Johnson - October 16, 2008

I do understand about the younger audience comment. Sometimes when we say things or act we forget to think about how everyone will interpret it. I guess it takes a lot to upset me or make me feel uncomfortable so I sometimes overlook big picture on things like that.

6. mlchasteen - October 29, 2008

People sometimes inturpret an ad to the extreme. Moms who see this ad may look at it like they are not needed in a household anymore. That two men raising a family is just as good as a male and female. In todays world that is how it truely is. Times have changed and gay marriage is ok and thats how it should be. The two men are just as much a family as any husband and wife. These days it should not be such an issuse and be ok to advertise through.

7. abmeyer - October 30, 2008

At first i thought the two men kissing was very offensive but then i got to thinking about the second ad remebering the troops. With issues like this i think people should consider there are more people in this world than just there narrow minds, if somthing is offensive change the station or dont watch. Thats what i would have done with the Heinz commerical but I think there should be more commericals like the troops commerical

8. Reginald Wheeler - October 30, 2008

I think that the Heinz commerical was offensive and inappropriate for tv because it’s aim wasn’t geared at promoting a product as much as it was showcasing same sex relationships. Which could be misleading in the eyes of those who may use the product. I think that there should be more weight given to those viewers who may be sensitive to this issue who are also advocates of unions between man and woman only.

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