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How Advertising Works (Ch. 4) October 2, 2008

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Note: Because this post didn’t get published when I planned to publish it, Chapter 4 posts will be due at the same time as Chapter 5: noon on Wednesday, October 8.

To analyze how advertising works in terms of brand identity, find and make links to an advertisement from each of TWO competing products: beers, bikes, baby wipes, anything that interests you. What distinctive brand identity is being conveyed for each product? How can you tell? What sort of affective response does each advertisement want to elicit? From a cognitive perspective, which ad is more convincing? Which ad do you think is more successful overall and why?



1. josh vaughn - October 13, 2008

(WAR) http://www.mri-performance.com/
(anabolic halo) http://www.anabolichalo.com

WAR gives off a more hardcore image that’s aimed to anyone who is working out or training to get you in the best shape of your life. It isn’t specified to any group, it was to anyone who is training that’s trying to reach the next level. The affective response WAR is trying to get is its new technology will get you prepared for your battle in the gym. Getting you ready for the war

Anabolic halo gives the image its for the best of the best. They advertise to only the strongest, serious athletes ever. In the video it only shows pro bodybuilders who use it when they work out. Implying its top of the line and only the best can handle it. Anabolic halo wants its consumers to believe using their product will make you the size of a pro bodybuilder.

Overall I believed WAR is more convincing. Because of the fact it states how it reloads repairs and rebuilds your muscles. It also tells you why.

The more successful ad, I’m going to go with WAR. Because I really feel like I need WAR now, and I want it, and I strongly feel like this is a great product, and works amazingly and I’ve never even tried it.

2. tia1802 - October 15, 2008

I’m kind of curious to ask you which affective response did you think these two ads were trying to convey? Personally, I feel these ads are trying to create a desire and a need for their product, trying to make you think that without this product you will not reach that particular level of physique, therefore, creating a “wants” or a “liking” for the product. I feel that both ads are using the strong, muscle-bound type of images to get the attention of the consumer that does not look like those models. I do agree that the ads are also targeting athletes and maybe the body builder type as well. I think the body building type, or the consumer who is looking for the body builder physique, is the main target audience for these ads. I would have to disagree though on which ad is more effective. I feel that “Anabolic”, was the more effective ad on their website. The graphics and the descriptions alone made me want to know more about the product. I actually clicked on some of the links and began to learn a little bit more about it.

3. jdvaughn - October 21, 2008

I think they’re but trying to emphasize the fact that your strength will increase and you will create a well-formed body and have improved muscular endurance and stamina. Both also emphasize the “body-builder” muscles.

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