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The Consumer Audience (Ch. 5) October 2, 2008

Posted by Alicia Revely in Uncategorized.

I buy dog food because my dog needs to eat, but the specific purchases I make say something about my dog (size, age, activity level) and something about my priorities (preference for organic food or traditional, brand name vs. generic, buying at a vet’s office vs. specialty store vs. mass market store). Your purchasing decisions matter, too, to the people who are trying to sell their products to you.

For this assignment, think of two products you own or use, one for which you think you are a typical consumer and one for which you think you are an unusual consumer. Explain what the target audience is for each product and how you can tell. When you’re in the target audience, discuss what it means to be part of a demographic user group. If you’re not a target user, what makes you choose this product? What needs — both product-specific and social — do these products meet?



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