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crest commercials chapter 2 October 7, 2008

Posted by pitst74 in Uncategorized.

I have viewed all of the crest commercials in my assignment and this is how I feel about them. P&G has had no trouble in the sucess of who and how they portray their product. when it comes to social issues I believe that it is addressed in their ads. They use a wide array of races and and both sexes to convey the message. class tends to be more of the norm just typical beings in a everyday setting. Now when you use someone like Emeril in your ad then you have moved up a notch as far as social status but I don’t think thats what is on their mind. Emeril is known for his signiture BAM! and they are trying to say that in his ad. P&G uses young and old alike in ads, male and females, families and individuals, such as they Adams family in the early 1970’s.All ethicities are portrayed and you can’t really tell about their income status. The people viewing these commercials would be your everyday typical family that could enjoy a good quality commercial and in some casees a laugh. You really have no way of proving this it is just a hypothetical guess. I believe that crest in into shape a target market of thier own rater than try to mirror any of its competitors. crest is setting themselves apart from the rest. Crest is changing the way people take of their oral hygeine by virtually laying out facts in their ads. By targeting the likes of kids with Crest for kids and its line of whightening products touch bases with all ages and genders and races.  This particular ad is dated, but is a good example of how crest is still using the everyday person and message to convey to its audience.  this ad was found on youtube.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFfVOjHrbgU



1. lakeishareynolds - October 17, 2008

I don’t really understand how you originally start talking about Emeril and show an old commercial. I understand that the commercials are still relevant today but they really didn’t flow.

2. Terence - October 18, 2008

Hey Lakeisha, I do understand your viewpoint about my post. However, I had to address the issues from the Emeril ad and was asked as part of my assignment to post another ad by crest whether new or old and I choose something vintage to reflect what my chapter was about. I do believe that is is relevent because Crest has kept its role in advertising unique. both ads still deal with the common person in mind. Even though Emeril as fame from his success he is still in the mainstream of homes which is what I wanted to try to say. But thanks nonetheless ofr your comment It has made a point and offers a different perspective.

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