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SHOOT and SCORE October 7, 2008

Posted by tylerc5 in Uncategorized.

I am a typical user of Michael Jordan shoe brand and have been since my days in middle school. I have worn them for many reasons, to satisfy my athletic needs with comfort and support, they satisfy my social needs being very common apparel with a high price tag and very fashionable to wear out so I would likely be the target audience for these products because these are some of the needs and wants of there consumers. The brand is credible and believable, being that they are branded by the greatest athlete ever. As a demographic user of this product I, just like many others in the tristate area, have many different uses for these shoes and they help us to achieve the image we try to portray. In contrast I am likely an a-typical user of ladies Avon facial cremes. I Have used these habitually for the last 5 years because they give me the desired feeling of soft and smooth as well as a pleasant scent that I am looking for in a lotion. They tend not to irritate after shaving and do not leave me with oily breakouts in the following days. I am sure that there is something out for men out that will do the same but I am a lagard.  Obviously, the target market is well known as women of almost all ages who desire soft, young looking skin indicated use after washing or even when removing makeup. I will continue to use these products even though they are expensive, when It comes to the lotion industry or the shoe industry you sure will get exactly what you pay for.



1. adterzieva - October 8, 2008

I think that both of these products do a very good job at advertising and targeting their target audience. Sure, they both have advantages over companies that are not well known, but both Nike and Avon have spend a lot of money and time on coming up with all of the benefit these products offer. Nike does a immense job on having so many variety of shoes. You can buy shoes that are just for comfort, and then you have shoes for style, shoes with high tops, low tops, so many different styles and types. This company designs so many different shoes that it is very hard for consumer not to pick one that he/she likes.

2. Reginald Wheeler - October 30, 2008

I think Nike is synomous with athletics as long as its been known. I believe Michael Jordan brand has been popular among people who wants to excel at any sport. Wearing the shoe is a constant reminder that the person has on the best quality shoe which could have a pschological effect and how a person performs when playing a sport which makes Nike a very effective brand.

3. abmeyer - October 30, 2008

I agree, Nike is synomous with athletics. Mainly because over many decades Nike has been able to establish its brand identity with many top athletes like Michael Jordan. Because of people like Michael Jordan and his brand, consumers and celebreties have developed the athletic shoes into a fashion statement. Nike is able to target to markets with the same product. So yea i agree again, Nike is a very effective brand.

4. jdvaughn - October 30, 2008

When looking at both aspects of the companies established reputations and backgrounds it is quite simple to understand how they have acquired over the years such loyal users of there products. For nike the use of a huge athlete such as Michael Jordan was a great marketing approach to reach the support of many sports fans not only for them to by the nike brand for athletic purposes but to also purchase the product as a casual edition to there everyday apparel. On the other hand avon has also gained a respectful reputation through there lines of products. This can be thanked to there great marketing approach to appeal to a customer through making them believe that there product will improve there physical appearance and health. Overall both these companies greatly stand out as the leaders in there fields due to there great marketing approach.

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