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Ch. 5 October 8, 2008

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The target audience for whiteners is anyone from late teen to 50’s.  I think it targets a huge range of people simple because most people want a bright, white smile.  I can tell because the girls in the ad have amazing straight white teeth that a lot of consumers want.  I am apart of the demographic user group because the young women on their advertising make it apparent.  This product is a necessity to fit-in our materialistic lives.  

I am a consumer of Gatorade but I do not feel as though I’m the target audience.  I think the target audience is athletes that need to get re-hydrated quickly.  Although I’m not an athlete I still need my hydration.  Most ads for Gatorade are athletes winning a game or finishing a race.  I choose Gatorade even though I’m not in the target audience because I like it and it helps my headaches.   It fits my needs as a consumer and even though I am not targeted I am still a buyer.



1. pitst74 - October 12, 2008

I have viewed both the ad for crest white strips and the one for gatorade. Like the person that initially post this ad, I believe that the target audience for creast can vary significantly, because everyone would like to have bright white teeth. It can be one of those ads where you have to really look into it to see who crest is targeting. I believe that they are trying to reach the masses. The ad is very affective. The gatorade ad is sort of to simplistic to judge. When I think of these type of ads or commercials, I typically look for action in them. Due to the nature of this just being a ad, I still can visualize what is going on with the ad being somewhat athletic. However, it does not stir up a range of emotion with the still picture. Never the less it still can be effective by content alone.

2. mlchasteen - October 21, 2008

I agree with what you saying about how it can still be effective by the content alone because there is no action or real emotional reaction to it. It can just be viewed as althletes use it so it must be a very good product.

3. tia1802 - October 26, 2008

I agree with you all about the gatorade being effective by the content alone. Gatorade is known for targeting the athlete. But I think there ads also inspire the average Jo who don’t necessarily want to drink water to hydrate. The ad not just speaks sports but anyone who needs something to quench there thirst.

4. lakeishareynolds - October 26, 2008

I agree with what you are saying about the teeth whiting target audience as well as with the product of gatorade. While gatorade main target is athletes they still manage to have high sells.

5. Andrea - October 29, 2008

I think the target audience for the whiteners are women primarily between 18-45. Those are the ages where women are really worried about how they look. Not that they wouldn’t before of after, but during these years is where your body and all is changing as you get older.

6. rdduskin - October 29, 2008

I looked at both ads, and it seems to me that both are targeting woman. Generally speaking from a males perspective it sems that women are a huge target due to the need to look and feel good about themselves. The Gatorade ad seems to also target a woman,since for years they showcased male athletes.

7. Robert Johnson - October 30, 2008

Tial I agree that Gatorade is not just for the athelete. The photo shows a woman sweating and just taking in some gatorade. Gatorade is sponsored by so many athletes that sometimes I think it makes people think that you need to be active to use product. What people are not always remembering is the commercials that gatorade uses telling people how it replenishes electrolytes. Although this ad looks as though the person was doing some running. Maybe I think too much about ads these days but I look at underlying stuff too. Good enough for active athelete…. gotta be good enough for me anytime?

8. mrbuffalo1987 - October 30, 2008

Keep in mind though if Gatorade features a woman they show that sports are universal and that it is for every sport and more importantly every gender. Remember those Gatorade commercials featuring Michael Jordan and soccer star Mia Hamm? They went head to head in a variety of sports and they ended with a tie and then drank some Gatorade and kept challenging each other until there was a winner. Message was Gatorade keeps you going and there was no clear cut winner between men or women as long as you drink Gatorade. Gatorade is not just for atheltes but it is aimed at them, don’t forget as well that Gatorade came from the University of Florida football team when they had a losing season to have a good one the following year. Atheletes are the primary target market.

9. lakeishareynolds - October 30, 2008

I agree with what you are saying about the teeth whiting target audience as well as with the product of Gatorade. While Gatorade main target is athletes they still manage to have high sales.

10. abmeyer - October 30, 2008

With Gatorade in mind I too think they have mainly focused on athletes but in your situation an myself because I drink gatorade even when im not doing athletic activities. What I am saying is that i think Gatorade reconized this although it may have taken them way too long but still, their new gatorade G2 is advertised with athletes but it does not show them on the field but in normal places with normal clothes on. With the new G2 i think they are covering people like us that just drink it cuz we like it.

11. tylerc5 - October 30, 2008

If your teeth are discolored then you are the target audience of the whiteners, the auther said that the girls have beautiful, white, smiles and of course they do. These advertisers always use beautiful women to present everything because they appeal to a much wider audience than any man. Whiteners are a product that anyone over 16 could use as long as your teeth are real! I think gatorade does a great job of marketing there product, they do gear towards athletes but they certainly you know that gatorade replenishes your electrolytes which you lose whenever you sweat but it also is supposed to QUENCH YOU THIRST…

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