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Strategic Research Assignment: Chapter 6 October 9, 2008

Posted by Alicia Revely in admin, Strategic Research.

I have two slide show collections of advertisements, one for menthol cigarettes and one for targeting women for The U.S. Marines.

Choose three advertisements from either of the slide shows and discuss what specific audience is being targeted in each and how you can tell. Make some guesses about what kinds of strategic research could have been used in obtaining that targeting data. Analyze how well you think the advertisements would have reached people in the target groups and what strategic research could have be done to test this effectiveness.



1. lakeishareynolds - October 17, 2008

The three ads I picked where from The U.S. Marines, they are targeting women, in ever ad it’s stating that they are looking for a few good women. While in every picture there is a women. That is how I can tell the target audience. Consumer research looks like it was being used to target the women.
The first slide states “get a make-over that’s more than skin deep.” It’s a powerful well stated slide. Showing that women as well as make-up is skin more than skin deep. The second one states “I’m a Marine…I’m a Staff NCO… I’m a Professional… I’m a women”…,while also showing the woman in her marine uniform as well as in her business attire. That women can have it both was. The last slide says “PRIDE A good women wears it well.” Which shows me that a women can have pride and look good in a marine uniform.
They could have had held a research market in order to get females feed back about the ads and what the marines mean to them.

2. Reginald Wheeler - October 30, 2008

I think the U.S. Marines have finally gotten past it’s male-chuvanistic views by deciding that they’re women that are equally qualified as their male counterparts. I think that the only charteristic that people associate with the marine core is brute strength which males seems to have an edge. But I realize that there are other aspects to being a marine other than being able to run, jump, and shoot a firearm.Women are classified as “professionals” because they have the ability to tackle tasks in the office, field, or frontlines that correlates to achieving the mission at hand. This is something that can be consider appealing because it can be just as effective in the corporate arena.It really show that women can be professional and display a sense of pride all at the same time.

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