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chapter 6 strategic research October 16, 2008

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In the KoolMixx cigarette ad, the target group appears to be hip-hop music enthusiast by the DJ mixer in the ad.  I think most people would say that the majority of hip-hop fans range from teenagers to people in their 20’s.  The ad agency could have used qantitative research amoung cigarette customers and referanced that data with hip-hop customers.  I think this ad would have reached  the target groups well because not only is this a ad but Kool was sponsoring a DJ competition so the competition would have been publicized across the country leading up to the event.  To research afterwards if the ad was effective they could have surveyed at the festival to see how many people were smoking Kool’s .

In the “WANTED” womans marine ad (#10) you can tell that this ad is directed toward women with the lady marine above the other men as she looks like she is in command and leading the group.  Some easy secondary research could have been used to see how many woman are in leadership positions in there jobs.  Since this would be just an ad for a magazine it would have to placed in the correct magazine to reach the target audience, but if it were in the correct magazine i think this ad could be effective because of how superior it makes the woman look.  When woman enrol in the marines it could be noted if they want to sign up for leadership roles and where they want to go in there marine career to see which ads are effective.

In the “Holliday Pleasure” ad my Newport cigarettes white males seem to be the target of this ad, with the white male being the focal point of the diverse group.  The ad agency had to do some priamary research to find out that only one in four white smokers prefer menthol, this ad would be trying to increase menthol sales to white people.  To see if this ad was effective, after the ad campaign the agency could have studied the increase of white customers to menthol cigarettes.



1. mlchasteen - October 29, 2008

I think the “Holiday Pleasure” ad could be targeting white males but could also be targeting a bigger group of people. This ad just shows how happy this man is smoking and socializing with a group. People don’t want to be alone during the holidays and this shows that smoking can bring you together with others.

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