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(Ch. 4) Advertising Supplements October 21, 2008

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(WAR) http://www.mri-performance.com/
(anabolic halo) http://www.anabolichalo.com

WAR gives off a more hardcore image that’s aimed to anyone who is working out or training to get you in the best shape of your life. It isn’t specified to any group, it was to anyone who is training that’s trying to reach the next level. The affective response WAR is trying to get is its new technology will get you prepared for your battle in the gym. Getting you ready for the war

Anabolic halo gives the image its for the best of the best. They advertise to only the strongest, serious athletes ever. In the video it only shows pro bodybuilders who use it when they work out. Implying its top of the line and only the best can handle it. Anabolic halo wants its consumers to believe using their product will make you the size of a pro bodybuilder.

Overall I believed WAR is more convincing. Because of the fact it states how it reloads repairs and rebuilds your muscles. It also tells you why.

The more successful ad, I’m going to go with WAR. Because I really feel like I need WAR now, and I want it, and I strongly feel like this is a great product, and works amazingly and I’ve never even tried it.



1. pitst74 - October 22, 2008

Josh I have veiwed these two ads and quite frankly I am lost. I don’t get the gets of what the commercial is trying to convey. It obviouly is catering to the body builders of the world, but what if you never have been involved with the sport , how would going to war reprsent you in your physical nature. Yes there will be a lot of work and effort in achieveing your goal, but war. What are you fighting against? This ad did not connect with my AIDA. My perception was not good of these ads. These ads did not appeal to my emotional wants or likings. I to would like to fit and trim, however at what expense.

2. mrbuffalo1987 - October 30, 2008

I notice another commercial where Anabolic Halo referes to thereself as the “Fitness Authority”. Showing body builders make you feel like the product really does work and gets results. The “War” campaign seems to be training hard and who trains harder world wide then a country’s military? Members of the armed forces are also fit and in shape, so I believe that this is a good ad.

3. jdvaughn - October 30, 2008

The ad for “War” is not for everyone. The ad is only suppose to resonate with those who are truly devoted to weight lifting. By what your saying pitst74 is that the ad does not appeal to you which is fine but this product in not viewed as a necessity but more of a want. For example if a golfer sees an ad on tv for snorkel gear will that catch his aida? Of course not he is a golfer. Any ad is set out to reach a certain group or demographic the saying ” Not meant for everyone” comes to mind. So did they effectively make an ad for there product? Yes. Does it reach out to everyone? No. With that being said though they did accomplish in this ad what every other ad ever made accomplished. They reached there target audience successfully.

4. tylerc5 - October 30, 2008

I would definately say that WAR was the most effective, my fiance actually was watching and told me I needed that product when it read that you could out eat your metabolism and that is exactly what I need. An ad is all about whether or not you can touch a certain personal level that the consumer is desiring and I believe the war ad was more effective for that reason. They put some very good thought into the who of their target audience and what could be used to grab the attention of the person who has never used that type of product. I have seen similar advertisements but I agree with the auther that it made me feel like going out to buy it right now

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