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Teleflora October 29, 2008

Posted by Victoria in Uncategorized.

Concering the Chapter 18 question The Teleflora”s ” Mother of the Year A ward”  If I were the director, frist I would have immediately and publically apologized through television to all involved and than by e-mail or postal,  send and a personal letter of apology containing a broad explaination of intent to each and every individual affected and offer coupons containing free services from the business. Also, the original Mission Statement would be revised and submitted to all affected.



1. Reginald Wheeler - October 29, 2008

As director of Telefora, I would submit a public and written apology to all those that were offended by our ads. I would then address those women who were referred to as “Non moms” or “Adopting Moms” as Mothers. We would revise all of our future ads to address all the individuals affected as stated. We would conduct SWOT Analysis to gather all the necessary information needed to run a successful,clean, non-deamening ad. Our mission statement would be revised so that all employees are aware of our commitment to respect the views of all people no matter their demographic.

2. mlchasteen - October 29, 2008

I feel like this ad would be hard to make up for. I agree with an apology but I think that would be difficult to send out to all offended by it unless it was put on there page. I also think that sending discounts out would be hard to all offended.

3. lakeishareynolds - October 30, 2008

I agree with your appoarch to fixing this ad and regaining the trust of your clientel back. Even though you offered coupons for free service how would you despense them to the propper people, how many would you issue before you pulled the plug on the coupons. It originally sound like a great plan or even having potential of a great plan in order to redirect the backlash but there are many things to consider.

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