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Chapter 3 – The Heinz Deli Mayo Ad September 24, 2008

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People would find this ad very offensive.  It shows two men kissing each other before one leaves to go to work.  I think it is trying to portray a woman or the wife fixing lunch for the kids and husband and the husband kisses the wife before he leaves.  It could be changed simply by maybe using a woman kissing the man instead of a man kissing another man.  It does make sense how people are upset about this ad.  THey were so upset that Heinz pulled the ad a month later.  I was acutally just on a a website that was for moms, who can get on the website and talk about things going on in the media world and they brought up this ad.  They were completely outraged.  I definently think the company should have been able to foresee how this was going to turn out.  Advertisers know the kind of world we are living in and how easy it is to take this ad out of proportion.


In my past I remember a commercial that I read about that was from Freedom Watch, who is a conservative group.  NBC refused to play their ad that involved asking viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season.  NBC declined to air it because of their website.  NBC claimed it was too political.  I do not agree with the critics on this one.  The critics (NBC) claimed that it wasn’t about the commercial, that it was about their website.  But their website had nothing to do with the commercial.  I just didn’t get why they wouldn’t air the commercial.


Intro to Advertising Assignment (Ch. 1) April 24, 2008

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During class today, we’ll be breaking into small groups to do a practice blog post so that all of you will have a chance to ask for help if there’s anything you don’t understand before you do your independent posts for the project.

In looking at advertising’s role in marketing, we will follow the example of Slate’s Ad Report Card. As a group, read one or more of these so that you understand the format. While the authors of these pieces may have a more specialized understanding of the specific company goals involved in promoting a product and, as journalists, are able to ask the company for clarification, they are also looking at the commercials as normal viewers like you. They want to know what message this ad is conveying, whether the message works, and whether it seems to be in line with what the company would want it to do. While you’re beginning advertising students, you know the four Ps of marketing and have probably spent your whole lives surrounded by advertising, so you’re already content experts.

Now to go YouTube and search for a memorable tv commercial, either recent or from your childhood. Keep looking until you find an interesting ad. If you have headphones, try looking for a Crest toothpaste commercial, since that’s the product you’re focusing on this term.

Now it’s your turn to grade the ad. Use your Intro to Blogging handout to create a new post. First, summarize what the ad says and provide a link to the YouTube page where you found it so that your classmates and I can also take a look.

Describe what happens in the commercial and analyze the ad. What is the product? Who is the target audience? Do you know whether there were other ads for the product or related products sharing a tagline or theme or focus? Is this a memorable commercial? Does it effectively explain or display the product? Why would the company choose this commercial to draw attention to its product?

Lastly, sum up the effectiveness of the ad as a marketing tool for this product. You can give it a grade, but make sure you explain what makes it deserve its ranking, what its strengths and weaknesses are.

Now you’re ready to post! Make sure you’ve given your post a title, checked spelling if necessary, and gotten everything together the way you want it. Use your Intro to Blogging handout to send it live to the internet and bask in your glory as a newly published author!