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The Consumer Audience (Ch. 5) October 2, 2008

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I buy dog food because my dog needs to eat, but the specific purchases I make say something about my dog (size, age, activity level) and something about my priorities (preference for organic food or traditional, brand name vs. generic, buying at a vet’s office vs. specialty store vs. mass market store). Your purchasing decisions matter, too, to the people who are trying to sell their products to you.

For this assignment, think of two products you own or use, one for which you think you are a typical consumer and one for which you think you are an unusual consumer. Explain what the target audience is for each product and how you can tell. When you’re in the target audience, discuss what it means to be part of a demographic user group. If you’re not a target user, what makes you choose this product? What needs — both product-specific and social — do these products meet?


How Advertising Works (Ch. 4) October 2, 2008

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Note: Because this post didn’t get published when I planned to publish it, Chapter 4 posts will be due at the same time as Chapter 5: noon on Wednesday, October 8.

To analyze how advertising works in terms of brand identity, find and make links to an advertisement from each of TWO competing products: beers, bikes, baby wipes, anything that interests you. What distinctive brand identity is being conveyed for each product? How can you tell? What sort of affective response does each advertisement want to elicit? From a cognitive perspective, which ad is more convincing? Which ad do you think is more successful overall and why?

Rolex Effective Persuasion September 29, 2008

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Rolex’s goal with this commercial is to persuade consumers that Rolex watch is much more than just a normal brand of watches.  I believe this commercial is very persuasive that Rolex is a great brand.  Because the commercial is so persuasive it results in conviction, which means consumers agree and believe the message and it gives them a sense of certainty and belief in the brand of Rolex.  The commercial is very effective in making consumers believe that Rolex is more than just a normal watch and giving them a reason to pay more for a Rolex instead of an off brand watch.

Chapter 3- Marlboro’s For Mommies Ad September 24, 2008

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by: Noelle Grafemeyer

I find this ad to be very offensive to society.  It shows two baby’s and a mom with packs of Marlboro brand cigarettes.  Concerned adults want to help children learn to make good choices.  This ad is taking advantage of the way people are teaching children to make ethical decisions.  I find children to be vulnerable.  They can pick up on anything and they will think it it is alright.  This ad could do that.  They shouldn’t have placed a baby on the ad because it portrays a message to children that smoking is not bad.  The advertisement is very ineffective and a lot of people would disagree with it.  I think any company would be nieve to not be able to forsee the impact this ad would have on society.  It doesn’t show anything in a positive way to sell their product.

The hienz mayo ad September 24, 2008

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I think that this ad was very indictitive of what we as a society have been trying to say for some time. Even though it may be offensive to some it open pandora’s box to the realness of today. Ifind the ad quite funny due to the mascalinity of the chef and for me the bottle stood out because I didn’t know that Hienz made mayonaise. To me the kiss wasn’t a very big deal, homo-sexuality exsist, whether we choose to believe it or not, that is in the individual, to each his/her own, PERIOD.

Assignment Reminder September 24, 2008

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Remember as you’re doing these assignments to:

1) Read the ENTIRE assignment before publishing your posts, and
2) Do the assignments for the chapter you’ve committed to complete (chapter assignments are noted on Blackboard – see the announcements page for the specific location).

Many of the assignments are two-part, which mean you must complete both (all) parts to get full credit.

Chapter 3 – The Heinz Deli Mayo Ad September 24, 2008

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People would find this ad very offensive.  It shows two men kissing each other before one leaves to go to work.  I think it is trying to portray a woman or the wife fixing lunch for the kids and husband and the husband kisses the wife before he leaves.  It could be changed simply by maybe using a woman kissing the man instead of a man kissing another man.  It does make sense how people are upset about this ad.  THey were so upset that Heinz pulled the ad a month later.  I was acutally just on a a website that was for moms, who can get on the website and talk about things going on in the media world and they brought up this ad.  They were completely outraged.  I definently think the company should have been able to foresee how this was going to turn out.  Advertisers know the kind of world we are living in and how easy it is to take this ad out of proportion.


In my past I remember a commercial that I read about that was from Freedom Watch, who is a conservative group.  NBC refused to play their ad that involved asking viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season.  NBC declined to air it because of their website.  NBC claimed it was too political.  I do not agree with the critics on this one.  The critics (NBC) claimed that it wasn’t about the commercial, that it was about their website.  But their website had nothing to do with the commercial.  I just didn’t get why they wouldn’t air the commercial.

Advertising and Society Assignment (Chapter 3) September 19, 2008

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We know advertisements are geared toward specific demographics (age/race/gender/income/nationality/culture) but what happens when “outside” groups see these ads? I’ll give you examples of ads that have been considered problematic by people outside their intended audiences.

Choose one ad and analyze why you think people might find it offensive, disrespectful, or inappropriate. Could it be changed to be more sensitive? Does the outrage or worry about the ad’s message make sense to you? What less controversial approach could the company have taken to promote its product? Should the company have been able to foresee the impact the ad would have?

Also think of one commercial or ad campaign in your lifetime that you know caused backlash or that you thought was problematic. Describe what you remember of the ad and the criticisms of it. Was it appropriate for your social context or do you agree with its critics?

This Italian detergent commercial raised concerns about racial stereotyping.

So did this set of promotional photos by Spain’s Olympic basketball team.

When we look at advertisements from the past, we can often see problems that may or may not have been evident at that time. If you’d like to address this issue, you can look at either Marlboro ads targeting mothers in the ’50s or this Folgers ad from about the same time.

Chapter 3 September 19, 2008

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I’m not going to be able to post your chapter 3 assignment until tonight or tomorrow. To give the chapter 3 posters a little more time, your duedate for the assignment will be next Wednesday at midnight!

90s Crest Commercial September 16, 2008

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When I watched the commercial I did not see any reference to gender, race, or class. They ad just has one guy in it he is an older white male. The ad does not make it clear who it is that they are trying to market to. I believe this was a campaign that was to hit the masses. I think this ad makes everybody want to brush their teeth. Unless you want all your food to be pureed… When it comes to the shape vs. mirror debate, I would think this would be shape. I mean people do believe that you should brush, but this commercial puts fear into peoples mind…BRUSH OR HAVE NO TEETH. This ad in my opinion was very effective. It probably brought around more awareness to brushing your teeth. 90s Commercial

I also viewed two ads also on youtube. I viewed the Aadams Family and Emeril Lagasse commercial. Both used prominently famous people or shows. The Aadams Family was a very popular show in the day (still is in my book), and hit alot of people during the show. The Emeril commercial was cool if you knew who he was and his classic BAM. Out of these ads the Emeril commercial is the only one I could find a target audience. I see the target as being ladies in there mid 30s to mid 40s.  When looking at the three ads you can see a very different approach, the 90s commercial went straight to the point. The Emeril commerrcial used a famous chef who appealed to woman of a household… these woman are more inlikely the ones buying the toothpaste for the home. The Aadams Family was trying to appeal to the entire family during “family time”, kids saw it moms bought it. Emeril Commercial.   Aadams Family Commercial.