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italian detergent October 9, 2008

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When I first saw this ad I couldn’t believe that it was ever aired on national television. This ad can be seen as very offensive not only to the obvious which is the black population but also Italian man. First black people can see it as being inappropriate because it separates their race from another. The subject of racial difference is all ready an sensitive topic for many people, to just post up a commercial like this one can start many disagreements on both Italian race and the black race. Second, Italian man can see it as offensive because it makes all Italian males look like dorks that can not satisfy their women, that wear their “tightie whities”, and have no sense of style.

To make this commercial more sensitive I think the company would have to throw away some of the racial stereotyping that’s in it. Having the black male pop up of the laundry and right after it saying “black is better” can be seen as humorous to some people but very offensive to others, therefore taking it off the ad might make it a little more appropriate. Rather then having that statement out there they could use other techniques to make this ad funny and appealing to viewers. Advertiser should have been able to see how this ad would race problems. It is not ethical to stereotype if the first place but to make it that obvious is a little out of hand.

In addiction to make this ad more proper the company could have compared something different like a woman doing here laundry in a black and white scene and as she is doing that, she looks unpleased and disappointed. In later scene the same girl doing the laundry in a colored scene looking very happy and pleased with her man right next to her. There are many way this commercial could have been successful without using racial differences like the difference between “colored race” and “Caucasian race”

An ad that I think could have been seen as problematic is the ad that Britney Spears had for her perfume. The ad was looked at too sexy and promiscuous. It had Britney rolling around bed with barely any cloths with this guy. Many people can find it as offensive because of their religious believes or values. A lot of people talked about it and thought it was inappropriate. Personally I did not have any problems with it because the channels and the time this ad was played did not really reach young audience.